Alex Aanderud

Transformation Coach

Helping you accomplish your impossible!

Imagine being able to see the world through the eyes of a child, where anything is possible and magic is real. In that moment, you can again discover the awe  and wonder in everyday moments.

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Who Is Alex Aanderud

Alex Aanderud is a highly sought after speaker and trainer of advanced integrative psychology, certified in linguistics, communication and hypnosis. He has served as a guest lecturer at several international hypnosis and leadership summits, marketing conferences as well as international, state and local non-profit events. He is a professional member of the National Speakers Association, a founding member of the Association for Change Management Professionals and Certified Trainer through the Association for Integrative Psychology.
In addition to his expertise in communication, Alex has worked for almost a decade as an engineer supporting experimental flight test for a Fortune 500 Company and the US Military. His background in engineering brings a unique perspective on what is often considered “soft” subjects.
Combining the skills of engineering and advanced integrative psychology, Alex helps his clients get the results they want in a fraction of the time.

Three ‘Reality-Changing’ Words


The achievement of well-defined objectives and goals within a predefined timeframe. Results is our most important value because it is the legacy we wish to leave behind. A legacy of setting, obtaining and exceeding goals again and again and again.


Creating undeniable shifts both qualitative and quantitative. Transformation is the essence of redefining “impossible” and advancing the movement of Total Health, Wealth and Prosperity. Through transformation the easy becomes mundane, the difficult becomes easy and the impossible becomes your goal.

Empowerment (Pleasure and Joy)

Experiencing “True Freedom” – Living life as through the eyes of a child – Seeing the awe and wonder in each and every moment and the magic that exists in the seemingly ordinary. Before you can redefine the impossible, you must first enter the world of your imagination. The place where rules are suggestions, where magic is real and anything is possible.

My Approach

I utilize the following services with my clients to help mitigate the mental and emotional trauma or baggage that prevents them from achieving their desired results:
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Mental and Emotional Release (MER®)Techniques
  • Integrative NLP Coaching
  • Results Coaching
  • Lean, Kaizen and Six-Sigma
  • Group Coaching/MasterMinds
  • Tasking
  • Hypnosis and Meditation
  • Bioenergetics
While it is hard to break down over 10 years of study, countless hours of clinical and academic research and the moving experiences, transformation and growth my clients have achieved, I can summarize (at least to some level) who I am and what I do in this short statement:
I help my clients let go of the baggage that prevents them from stepping fully into their potential and I help them achieve their impossible.

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